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BusinessCar is built on our experience of the traditional fleet market as former publishers of Fleet Week and Fleet Management magazines. We will continue to serve fleet managers better than anyone else, but we will also offer dedicated content to HR managers, finance teams and directors.We offer you access to these influential decision makers.

BusinessCar engages with the market as it is today, delivering comprehensive coverage to a diverse audience. We are creating a media-rich information resource which UK businesses will identify as the leading authority on business vehicles.

BusinessCar is a direct response to the ideas and suggestions made by our readers. We have created a multiplatform publication that allows them to access the information they need via a fortnightly magazine, a packed website, five weekly email newsletters, targeted to address their needs, and a host of exciting events.

BusinessCar leads the way for fleet publications – and that’s thanks to the relationships we have built with our readers. They come to us for product and service information because they trust us to deliver. They talked to us about what they wanted to change and BusinessCar is our response.

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Debbie Wood
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Email: debbie.wood@businesscar.co.uk

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