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Practical Patient Care

Today’s healthcare providers are faced with the almost impossible task of increasing the standard of care afforded to each patient, while at the same time reducing the operational costs associated with providing this improved level of care. The care delivered throughout a healthcare facility is crucial to patient outcomes; from the emergency department through to outpatient operations and everything in between. The opportunity to provide some of the most specialist care available today is reflected by journey of a patient within a facility: from the emergency room into critical care, surgical care to clinical care at the bedside.

But throughout that care path there are issues facing today’s healthcare professional. They include infection control, management and delivery of care and the support services physicians and their patients. If hospitals are to meet both their patients’ needs and their financial targets it is essential that these huge demands relating to the effective and efficient delivery of care are met.

Practical Patient Care is published specifically to provide medical practitioners and senior managers with the information they need in order to deliver successful care management – strategies that will allow them to achieve their objective of improving patient care at a reduced cost.

Each edition combines analysis of current and future trends alongside the opinions and expertise of the industry’s best-known figures. Practical Patient Care provides best practice and innovative product-based solutions to assist each reader to successfully improve their facility’s wound care and infection control management.

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