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The Wealth Collection

The Wealth Collection explores the best the world has to offer and is unique in luxury lifestyle publishing. Read by an elite, high net-worth readership looking to explore new means of enjoying its assets, The Wealth Collection covers the latest in luxury lifestyle trends, high-end travel, property, bespoke investment opportunities and wealth management.

The Wealth Collection is a unique concept in high-end lifestyle publishing, targeting an elite readership looking for different ways to enjoy its wealth. Through an exclusive partnership with Deloitte, The Wealth Collection is able to reach a wide range of private clients. Celebrities and the top tier of the global high net worth community complete an exclusive audience of affluent consumers. The Wealth Collection is a well-appointed publication boasting stunning visuals and informative and entertaining features exploring the themes that matter to this sophisticated and influential group.

The Wealth Collection offers a comprehensive guide to the risks and rewards of managing a substantial personal fortune, complemented by a connoisseur's passion for the very best that life has to offer. In this way, it encompasses all aspects of luxurious living, from charitable giving, property and personal finance to major purchase decisions and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

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